The Lions Den Comedy Club started in January 2007 with an old style Gong Show which ran monthly then fortnightly. A year later we came up with our Open Mic 'Comedy Car Crash' to create a regular completetely 'open' line-up that wasn't booked weeks/months in advance. We give new talent a place to rise from. We offer our entertainers the chance to perform their material in Central London on a great stage, with great lighting and an amazing PA and we also have comfy padded seating.

At the club there is always a warm friendly atmosphere and a supportive crowd. It's not a guarantee but it's rarely anything else. When you come, try and stay to the end and support everybody. Relax, you're amongst friends.

We now regularly run a completely open mic Comedy Car Crash every Tuesday. Since it started it's been a social club for acts and a great place to work on new material and old. Our venue is at Bar Rumba in Shaftesbury Avenue - right in the middle of the the West End part of London we have a bigger capacity that we'd love to fill. There's been so many night's when we get brilliant acts, both new and pro. At the sharp edge of the London Comedy Circuit - we're the place where tomorrow's stars can be born, dreams can become reality and the occasional galactic meltdown occurs.

It's always different. Come and share your love for comedy.

"I was very nervous before coming here so I went on the website and read up on what I could. One part said not to leave as soon as your set is over because you never know when the next Tommy Cooper will come on. I thought two things. One, good advice and two, slightly ironic with a room full of new comedians as odds are one of us will die onstage tonight.'
Harry Hughes

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  • January 17, 2021 1:24 pm local time

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